A simple Cocoa application to help you reconcile your bank accounts. Enter all your bank transactions, check the box next to the ones your bank has acknowledged, and match your bank balance in seconds.
I like to keep my check book balanced to the penny. Every month I hated getting a statement that didn't match my checking register. Which checks hadn't cleared yet? How much interest did I need to add back in? ATM fees? Now do the math again and see if it matches.
With Balance, I just enter all my transactions as I go. When i get my statement (or check my statement online) I just check off the transactions that have cleared, add the interest and fees that I didn't know about, and my balance matches to the penny!
Enter all your account transactions. Easily sort and filter them to find what you need. Use the notes panel at the bottom to keep detailed notes on each transaction. Place a checkmark in the box next to all transactions that appear on your monthly bank statement.
"Reconciled" shows the balance that should match up with your bank statement. "Balance" shows your actual balance which includes new transactions your bank has not yet seen.