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Available Now hopes to provide a powerful and safe way to buy and sell things online. We have implemented certain features to make it easier to list, sell, find, and buy everything you need.
A simple Cocoa application to help you reconcile your bank accounts. Enter all your bank transactions, check the box next to the ones your bank has acknowledged, and match your bank balance in seconds.
Coming Soon
No Longer Supported
Wimpus Radio combines the best aspects of radio with the intelligence of your computer, giving birth to a whole new way of discovering music. In short, Wimpus exposes you to new artists who match your taste. With Wimpus, there's no reason to waste hours afer hours in front of your computer using peer-to-peer software to download illegal mp3s. Instead, just hit "Start", and Wimpus begins working for you.
Shoutouts (not iSachin developed)
A great utility for people with Bluetooth enabled phones. Control your mac using your phone like a remote control. When someone calls, see their name and picture on your screen. Send SMS messages by typing them on your computer. iTunes automatically pauses when you get or make a phone call. When you walk away from your computer, your screen locks and iTunes stops playing. This and much more.
Quickly open any application or document with just a couple keystrokes. Open any bookmark, address book contact, mp3, mail message, and more. Now obsoleted by Apple's Spotlight, but still worth a shoutout.
Use the edge of your trackpad as a scroller. No longer needed in the newest Apple Powerbooks, but great for everyone else.
Blocks all banner and text ads in the Safari browser. This program actually removes the items from the page, so you get back all the space you lost before. Webpages look a lot nicer, and you get more content per screen.